Lip Blush/ Lip Neutralization

Lip Blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips and giving definition and illusion of fullness. Our lips are particularly vulnerable to showing signs of age. Research shows that full lips may have as much to do with women perceived age as the appearance of wrinkles. Do not book your appointment within days of a special event. Be sure to exfoliate your lips 3 days before your appointment.

Dark Lip Neutralization (or Dark Lip Correction) is a specialized semi-permanent tattoo in which we neutralize the lips to reach a desired pinker color. With dark lip neutralization, you will need an initial appointment and possibly 2-4 touch ups sessions, to achieve the desired look (depending on home care & the healing process). Each session is spread out at least 6 weeks apart and there are special cases in which additional sessions may be needed. Please exfoliate your lips 1-3 days before your appointment!

Here's a list of things to help better prepare yourself for your lip blush appointment:

  • Do not book your lip blush appointment within days of a special event. You will require a few days of down time following your initial appointment.
  • Please exfoliate your lips 1-3 days before your appointment.
  • Please refrain from all activities that may cause irritation of the skin or thinning of the blood prior to your appointment.
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption 24 hours before receiving lip blush refrain from sun tanning, microdermabrasion, derma planning, laser treatment, and chemical peels 7- 10 days before receiving lip blush.
  • Please refrain from medications that cause thinning of the blood. This includes but is not limited to: Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Niacin, Fish Oil. vitamin E and Ibuprofen. Please consult your physician before stopping and medications.
  • Do not consume coffee and energy drinks day of your appointment.
  • Clients who have experienced a cold sore in or around the mouth MUST take Valtrex at least 3 days prior and 3 days after receiving treatment. Failure to follow these instructions can risk an outbreak that will affect the healing process. Please contact us if you are receiving any sort of break outs or skin irritations Its the artists decision to still perform the service. The failure to communication any of these concerns can lead to cancellation of appointment.

Lip Blush Aftercare:

There are some things that should be expected after the procedure:

  • Intensified color and swelling are a natural part of the initial stages of healing. BE PATIENT. Do not freak out! The Intensity should regress within 3-4 days. The sensation can be comparable to that of a slight burn and minimal scabbing and / or flaking may take place.
  • Refrain from removing the scabs / flakes as you may run the risk of removing pigment in the process- it's very important to keep the lips heavily hydrated.
  • The true vibrancy of your cosmetic tattoo will fade about 30-40% from what you walked out with revealing a soft and natural blush tone.

5 Things to Remember While the Lip Blush Is Healing:

  1. Avoid hot, Spicy, and salty foods as it may cause added irritation.
  2. Avoid large bodies of water, direct sun exposure, teeth whitening, rubbing and smoking.
  3. DO NOT pick off or scratch the lips it may lead to loss of pigment.
  4. Placing cosmetic products on unhealed lips is heavily discouraged.
  5. Texture is normal and is often experienced in the first few days of healing.